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In addition to sailing courses we try to offer other sailing activities that will build on and /or develop your skills and understanding.

Yacht Charter - Whole vessel or Berth

a/ Bare boat Charter, you charter and pay for the whole boat! As skipper you are responsible for the Boat and crew you pay a security deposit and all expenses

b/ Skippered Charter not so confident then consider a skippered charter but ask if the skipper is an instructor if you want to learn or do a course

c/ By & buy a Berth you buy or pay for a berth and join the crew


a/ Bare boat, (Budget Sailing) you pay for boat hire and security deposit maybe a cleaning deal. Your Food, Moorings, Fuel and possibly gas. Additional Skipper/Instructor if required.

b/ Skippered charter – you pay a fee that includes the skipper/Instructor. You (the charterer) will pay for food and include the skipper/instructor. It’s likely you will also pay moorings and Fuel.

c/ By & Buy a berth you may be able to buy a berth. It’s then likely that you will pay into a food & expanse kitty for mooring and fuel etc.

Many Of our courses and  activities are inclusive so you may only have to consider what you spend ashore.

Skippered charter - whole boat or berths

Safeena Saree,-   Gib-Sea 414               41’      Solent.

Our Weekend sailing program

Our weekend sailing program aims at promoting all round practical skills ideally suited to competent crew and day skipper levels and subject to weather can normally work to a collective agenda where everyone is able to tick their own boxes!

Racing & Regattas

We offer a number of opportunities for you to gain skills & experience! One of the best is racing. We are able to offer different levels & some progression, effectively from Comp-crew so whether you’re a frustrated competitive type or an interested beginner this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Entry level aboard Safeena Saree    

  Round the island race, other Solent regattas inc

the John Lewis partnership which we won the ISC class for 2013 and 2015 & 2nd this year 2019

The race & regatta  dates are fixed by the organisers so please register your interest early.

The great challenge that racing brings is the passage experience and sail & boat handling.


We usually have a mixture of experience aboard so you don’t need to be very experienced but it is usually a good idea to do a sail training or race training weekend first so you know your way around the boat.

For 2020 Our Race weekends usually include the Friday before as a  practice day

Round the Island race   May 29 to 31   


Tour des ports Da la Manche 3 -12 July plan. E-mail   To Be Up dated

Sunday 5th Carentan to cherbourg

Monday  6th Cherbourg to Port Dielette

Tuesday 7th  Port Dielette Gernesey

Wednesday 8th  Guernsey to Carteret

Thursday 9th Carteret to Jersey

Friday 10th Jersey to Granville

Return to England Sat/Sun 11-12

Or ??

John Lewis partnership regatta Sept 25 -27


Gocek & Marnaris Regatta’s

Contact Budget Sailing.